Automatic Assembly Line Systems

  • Engine, Transmission, Compressor, Suspension arm, Axle, Clutch, Steering, Brake, Differential gear, etc.

Automatic Welding Line Systems

  • Main body, Side body, Door, Floor, Underbody, Hood, Fender, Door hemming&welding, Trunk lid, etc.             

High Precision Fastening Systems 
(AC Servo Nutrunner)

  • Section of the above automatic assembly line systems, Vessel, Construction machine, Railroad coach, etc.

Sheet Metal Joining Systems

  • Household electrical appliances (Microwave oven, Gas table, Washing machine, etc.), Construction materials, etc.  

Laser Processing Systems

  • Rotary parts welding, Tailored blank welding, Pipe butt wielding, Multi-purpose processing.
3D Coordinate Measuring Devices (CMD)
  • Measuring and evaluation of Automobile body, Die, Jig, etc.          
Electronic Components
  • Used in the above Automatic assembly lines and Automatic welding line, etc.
  • Used in the above Automatic assembly lines and Laser processing systems, etc.



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