Jul 28, 2018 International Automotive News Article

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International automotive news wrote an article about the new Sanyo handheld nutrunner.
Following is our translation of the Japanese article.

Sanyo, started selling new nutrunner in the US

Sanyo(Headquarter in Kitanagoya Aichi) that designs and manufactures automation assembly systems

and develops nutrunner fastening tools for automotive industries,

has proudly announced to sell a new handheld nutrunner model in the US market.

They had been selling 10Nm and 20Nm pistol tools, straight tools, and angle tools already,

addition to that they had added a new 16Nm type handheld nutrunner [SHDN-T2-016P] that was developed to satisfy customer requests.

This tool has achieved the top rated speed and is very light in weight (under 1kg).

The subsidiary company in the US, Sanyo Machine America Corp. is planning to sell $400,000 of this nutrunner in 2018.

They are going to enrich local support & repair structure in the US, and are planning to increase share in the US handheld fastening market.


Sanyo has been awarded for the supplier special recognition award from

American Honda this past June, and has been awarded the supplier of the year award on 2015.