Jan 5, 2021 New release New 16Nm Battery Handheld NR

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SHBN type wireless nut runner

High-speed, lightweight, high-precision tool

Impact mode
Impact automatic adjustment function
Batch count function
Reliable transfer of tightening data
No need to wait for connection when replacing the battery
Power saving tightening tool
Various tightening functions
Double tool count
Tool LED supports workers

Station controller

Multiple tools can be controlled
High-performance station controller
Large-capacity tightening history memory
USB backup function
Supports LAN connectionFrom the USB port, you can back up the tightening settings, history, etc. to the USB memory.
Compatible with various communication networks

Station controller terminal (SCT).



item specification
Model SHB-T1-016P
Maximum tightening torque 16N · m (impact mode)
Maximum no-load rotation speed 2000rpm
Wireless specifications Wireless LAN 2.4GHz
weight 1.2kg (excluding battery)


item specification
Model SHB-BT-25
type lithium ion
Voltage 25.2V
capacity 2.0Ah
weight 540g

Station controller

item specification
Model SHB-SC
interface I / O (8 points each for input and output) x 2 ports (up to 4 ports
depending on the option ) RS232C x 2 ports ( up to 4 ports depending on the option)
USB x 2 ports
Ethernet x 1 port
Field network (option)
Power supply AC100 ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz (AC adapter)
Maximum power consumption 360W
weight 1.3kg


item specification
Model SHB-BC
charging time 80% or more in about 60 minutes
Protective function Overcharge prevention
Display function LED display (3 colors / 6 levels)
Power supply AC100 ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz
weight 835g

* Please contact us for the details of the product model.


Pistol tool (SHB-T1-016P)

Station controller (SHB-SC)